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Few of the most important internal and external plans that contributed to the defamation of Islam and Muslims are:

  • The distortion of the history of Islam and Muslims.
  • The Islamic countries being divided into smaller countries that wasted most of its resources for preparing its military machines to demand and protect its borders from its neighbors.
  • The exploitation of the media to deform the Islam in various ways and to isolate Muslims from their religion and to spoil its children by bringing the movies and the mind-blowing songs and etc.
  • The plans of the great countries to destroy the Muslims.
  • Separating Muslims using their doctrinal differences in their religion issues.
  • To plant the hatred of Islam and Muslims in kids from a very young age in different ways.
  • Some Muslims are easily driven towards the logos and foreign fads that they fight Islam with either by knowing it or not, the thing that the most hateful enemies of Islam could not do.
  • The intensive preaching campaigns by having people work for them from all over the world and spending millions of dollars to turn Muslims away from their religion.

·  The greatest of these plans were drawn by Jews and those who are seeking their satisfaction because they dominate most of the media. All of these evil plans certainly imply that Islam is the true religion.