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The overall looking for Muslims

The question now is: How dose someone become a Muslim after the verifications of all of these miracles when he realizes how scattered, powerless, subordinated and low Muslims are? The reader should know that Islam is not particularly just for Arabs, it was sent for everyone with no exception referring to what Allah has said:

And We have not sent you, [ O Muhammad],
except as a mercy to the worlds. (Quran 21:107)

Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah
is the most righteous of you (Quran 49:13)

If following Islam were to be in the overall looking for Muslims, no body would have embraced Islam. The defect is not from Islam, but from the Muslims themselves. Islam was not spread through Asia and Africa by conquests but by the good manners, truthfulness, and honesty that the Muslims who reached them showed. When those people took a closer look at the religion of these new comers, they discovered the greatness of Islams teachings and that it was truly from God, so they embraced Islam with conviction and confidence.

In the first place, the responsibility is restricted on the Muslims since they are far away from Islam, then it goes on to the rulers and scholars who are loyal to them, and a series of plans to deform and fight Islam wherever it is present.

As for the rulers, most of them fight Muslims in their own countries by deforming the Islams face through the media, schools, and different occasions. They claim that ruling according to the Islamic laws has become obsolete and the new imported laws must be applied in order to keep in line with the progression of the modern world. And Islam is restricted to the acts of worship such as: prayers, fasting, and pilgrimage, and whoever takes the risk of demanding the application of Islam as a constitution, legislation, and a way of life as Allah ordered will be punished and disciplined. This is because the instructions of Islam do not meet their desires, or it is because they want to please those who gave them the power so that they can continue to rule, or they are afraid to suffer a wide international siege and being accused of terrorism and cut off of help like other countries did.

As for the scholars who are loyal to these rulers, they change some facts in religion to keep their worldly interests of position and money. These rulers and their supporters did not learn a lesson from those who dominated Ottoman Caliphate authority [Turkey] which ruled the world for several centuries until some of mercenaries and their loyalists - a plan drawn by the Jews rathered secular ruling than Islamic ruling and adopted nationalism instead of the Islamic caliphate, and they separated religion from the state. All of what they have gained since the breakdown of the caliphate because of them until this day is nothing but lowness and disgrace. They kept running after the west, trying to imitate them but to no purpose although they did most of what the Islam enemies ordered them. If they were to stick to their Islam, they would have had other state of honor, status, and respect.