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 All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds, who sent messengers giving glad tidings, warning and guiding people to the right path; getting them out of the darkness and bringing them to the light, and peace and blessings be upon all prophets and messengers peace be upon them all.

Man begins his life following the religion and beliefs of his fathers and forefathers regardless of whether this religion or that belief is correct or not. And every group of people wants its religion to be dominant over other religions Ė Even though there still be always someone who is looking for the truth.

In this article, I am going to present to my honored reader some of the clear scientific proofs and evidences that are undoubtful and capable of making him save himself and those who are under his responsibility from doubt to certainty. However, there must be sincere investigation of the facts be done first avoiding any kind of bigotry or stubbornness although you will find that the content of this message and all that it invites to has been associated with terrorism, ignorance, and backwardness by the media.

When Allah created mankind, he to each nation a messenger from among themselves inviting to Allahís religion and bringing them certain miracles that make them believe him or become against him and thus be punished in this world before the hereafter. Every messengerís miracle ended in the time when the messengerís mission came to an end. For example, Prophet Mosesí miracle, the scepter which split the sea, where is it now? And Prophet Jesusí miracle of giving life to the dead and curing the blind [from birth] and the leper, where are those dead who were brought to life and those patients who were cured today?

Thus, The age of miracles ended with the end of the messengers time - peace be upon them - except for one last miracle sent with the last Prophet and Messenger. Indeed, It is the everlasting miracle of the Quran which was revealed from Allah to Mohammed (S.A.A.S) and still exists to this day and will continue to exist. This is because the Quran has puzzled the humanity in the old and modern age with its miracles. Whenever the modern science progresses to prove a scientific fact that has been already mentioned in the Quran, they find out that this fact exactly matches what is written in this book although it was revealed on an illiterate prophet - who did not read or write - some 1400 years age.

There had been numerous tries over the centuries to alter the Quran but none of them succeeded in altering a single letter because Allah is the one who promised to save it from corruption. Muslims all over the world have only one version of the Quran. In the following, we will investigate with you - truth seeker- some of the most recognizable area where the Quran showed scientific understanding, and will bring along the opinions of some well known respectful scientists who stood there amazed with what the Quran has brought long time ago: